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In this book 100 professional researchers from all over the world share for the first time what they know about happiness. No spiritual philosophy but evidence-based knowledge of recent experiments and life-long research. Set in a language that everybody understands. Grazing through more than 8000 studies in the World Database of Happiness (established by Professor Veenhoven, University of Rotterdam), we contacted the best researchers in positive psychology. We asked them to describe in some words what they have learned through their research on happiness and what specific advice they would give to people all over the world to improve their happiness. The final selection of the most relevant views contains 100 extraordinary extracts from specialists in more than fifty countries, from China and Japan, to India, Australia, Africa, Europe and America.

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    12 secrets of being happy: Using research from 100 world experts, a new book shows how to look on the bright side

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  • 352 pages
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About the book

Welcome in The World Book of Happiness

My friends tell me that I am a life-expert in optimism. And so I decided to write a book about it: '100% Positivo'. In this book I went in search of the secret of optimism, both in myself and in the world around me. In the course of this search, I discovered that thousands of studies have already been carried out into optimism and happiness. And new ones are being conducted every day. The beginning of the 21st century is therefore not only shrouded in bad news. Worldwide, thousands of researchers are throwing themselves wholeheartedly into the relatively new discipline of positive psychology. Positive psychology does not take faults, failures and negative syndromes as its starting point, but is based on the positive power of people. If we have a better understanding of the things that make us healthy, happy and successful, then we can make better use of these mechanisms to create our own happiness and happiness in the world around us. After a lecture, I was once approached by a 17-year-old boy. He said: “Now I know what to answer when people ask me what I want to be. I am going to be an optimist." I understand now that this is also something you can learn.

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“Kofi Annan received a personal copy of the book. He promised to spread the message of hope, happiness and optimism. His secret? Keep dreaming.”

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About the author

Leo Bormans is global Ambassador of Happiness & Quality of Life. He is a writer and an inspirator. He has a master in languages and philosophy and is the author of the international bestsellers 'The World Book of Happiness' and 'The World Book of Love'.

'The World Book of Happiness' has been sent by European Chairman Herman Van Rompuy to all leaders of the world (including Barack Obama) as a special New Year’s gift in 2012. Kofi Annan received a copy while he addressed, together with Leo Bormans, the international youth conference Hope XXL, which has been inspired by the book.

In 2013 'The World Book of Love' has been offered by the Prime Minister of Belgium, Elio Di Rupo, to all the ministers of his government as a symbol for a warmer society.

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“Herman Van Rompuy, Chairman of the European Council, has sent a copy of the World Book of Happiness to all world leaders.”

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  • ‘A wonderful project.’

    Prof. Christopher Peterson, one of the founders of Positive Psychology, USA

  • ‘The World Book of Happiness is an important milestone for the research on a universal method for happiness.’

    Prof. Samuel M.Y.Ho, China

  • ‘The World Book of Happiness: What a great idea!’

    Prof. Jan Delhey, Germany

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International Editions

Dear publisher,

Do you know that positive feeling that you sometimes have as a publisher, when you create a book you fully believe in? A book that tens of thousands of readers love, a book that even influences social debate through its main themes? Well, that was the feeling we had when The World Book of Happiness was published. We succeeded in engaging the most brilliant scientists and unexpected newcomers to describe in their own words what they ultimately know about happiness and encouraged them to share their conclusions with the general public.

We are convinced that the The World Book of Happiness can also be an interesting publication for you – and one that will bring you joy for many years to come.

Maarten van Steenbergen,
Director Publisher general non-fiction

  • A record of worldwide scientific research on happiness
  • Science presented in an appealing, accessible manner
  • Already more than 200,000 copies sold worldwide
  • English, German, French, Korean, Slovenian, Taiwanese and Japanese rights sold


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Liesbeth De Bruyne, International Co-editions & Foreign Rights Manager

Gunther Spriet, Export & Foreign Rights Manager

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